Custom debuggery expandio

just been mucking about with the autoexp.dat file found in (for me) Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Packages\Debugger

so far I’ve added

; JUCE juce::String =<text->text, su> juce::String::InternalRefCountedStringHolder =<text,su>

which lets you see the string value itself at the top level in the debugger watch windows. IE you don’t have to drill down to see it’s value.

I’m sure I’ll add more.

Oh, nice one! I’ll be using that from now on!

You should add that tidbit to the readme or api docs. :slight_smile:
Would save time from looking through the memory.

I’ve been trying to get Component to show like…

“thisIsTheComponentsName” x300 y300 w100 h100

the w, h, x and y bits show OK but I cant get the component name to show?!?!

The x and y and h and w all work fine but the name does not show! Grrrr!!

Tried all sorts of cominations! :cry: