Custom Licensing Solutions + Apple App Store?

When you guys make apps that run on both OS X, and Windows and has a custom licensing solution in place making use of the TracktionMarketPlace class for the computer versions, how do you go about dealing with the App store’s own licensing when you’re trying to build, test and release an iOS version? Do you just strip your own licensing solution out of your code entirely for the iOS version and rely on the App Store’s own protection schemes? An example would be if your product had a downloadable 14-day trial version that you could purchase a license key from your website to activate it. I’m pretty sure that would go against Apple’s App Store policy as they wouldn’t get their 30% cut… I thought I’d ask before trying to make a build of my app and test it out on my iPad.

Yes that would totally go against Apple’s policy; the closest thing (and one I’ve implemented in a recent app) is to offer a free download and then unlock functionality with an in-app purchase. You could also try subscriptions, they allow you to offer a trial period before the user starts getting charged.

I think that you would have a hard time getting past Apple’s app review using any kind of licensing outside the App Store. I heard they sometimes make exceptions if you can show that you are bringing custom to the App Store, e.g. by giving out promo codes that direct people to download your app and then get some bonus content.

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