Custom Module - Relative Path Problems

It's extremely unclear as to what path I'm supposed to use for custom modules.

I've dragged and dropped the respective juce_module_info files into the project, but I get the error message "Cannot find this module at the specfied path!" as seen in the attached image.

Extra information:

  • The modules all exist in the same folder: (...)/AriesModules/modules
    <li>The demo project folder I'm testing with is parallel to the modules:&nbsp;<em>(...)/AriesModules/demo</em></li>

There's definitely something I'm missing or that's poorly explained.

Of course - both the module ID and module folder have to have the same name!

Is there some kind of How-To for this type of thing?

The juce module format webpage is lacking in this regard. (


I'm still working on my modules V2 design, but this will become a lot simpler soon...!

Would you happen to have a guesstimated release date?

Nope. Might share some specs pretty soon though to get feedback.

Alright, cheers