Customising slider value popup

Hi, I’d like to customise the popup that shows a slider value, e.g. pointer length, distance from target but can’t see an easy way to do this.

Also, I’d like to be able to trigger showing the popup manually (e.g. on key presses), but this also seems be internal only?

Am I missing something or is this just fixed?


I needed the posibility to customise the position of the popup display and had no choice but to hack JUCE accordingly.

If there is some way I missed to achieve this without this last resort I would love to know.

I use a Label Component that is invisible unless the user hovers over a control, then the target is identified and the label’s bounding box is set to an offset from the target location. The label automatically disappears either with a timer, or when the user moves away from the control.

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Yeah, could roll my own, I’m just trying to not re-invent the wheel.