Cytomic Virtual Analog SVF with frequency response

Already shared this on the Discord, but thought I’d post it here too.
Made it as a learning process but no doubt someone else might find it useful.



  • Virtual Analog State Variable Filter
  • Biquad EQ replacement who’s parameters can be safely automated without explosions.
  • Complete with UI that displays frequency and phase responses.
  • Based heavily on the juce::dsp::IIR filter.
  • VASVF code taken from SvfLinearTrapOptimised2.pdf
  • Transfer function for the UI by ollpu on The Audio Programmer discord one_pole_z_domain_tf

I am not a lawyer, I have no licencing plans for this at all, especially considering it takes from other sources who no doubt have their own licensing, use at your own risk.

Also not a lawyer, but I don’t think you saying you’re not licensing this in any way absolves you from your requirement to license the code according to the licenses for the code from which you’ve borrowed. eg. if you’ve taken from GPL code then you must license yours as GPL, if you’ve taken from MIT/BSD code then you must include the copyright notices and license from the original source. You are already taking on some “risk” by publishing this yourself.

Not trying to shit on what you’ve done, just want to point out that you can’t just ignore the original licenses with some hand waving. :slight_smile:

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