Data Race in juce::dsp::Compressor

I’m getting some data races in juce::dsp::Compressor.

I heard that there are data races in the JUCE VST3 wrapper, but haven’t found a forum post.

Can anyone else confirm this or suggest a means to investigate this?

It looks like processBlock and setStateInformation are being called from different threads simultaneously, and both of them are using the dsp::Compressor instance, which has no internal thread safety stuff implemented.

Alright, nevermind, this data race disappears if I stop setting the Compressor’s properties from setStateInformation

How recently did you hear this? The situation there should be significantly better in 6.1, but it’s possible I still missed something. If you can provide some repro steps or a code example, that will give us a much better chance of solving the problem.

I heard it from @eyalamir in the discord server today. I’m still running 6.0.8, though.