Dave and Jules Tracktion Engine video


Maybe this was posted somewhere but I am heading back in this direction using the engine and through Dave’s github I found this gem (July 5th?).

Very nice talk, you covered a lot of the questions I had when it was released.

So for others that might not have seen this, check it out.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the talk.
I think we posted it in the original thread about the Meetup but it might have got buried.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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Yeah really did, cemented what I basically already knew. The funny thing is I am still lopsided on Android so this framework still is taunting me. I tried getting it going back in Feb or March but audio buffers were messed up, sounded like popcorn. :slight_smile:

I’m really more curious “what” I can can get away with on Android at a bare minimum. I am also interested in the MIDI side of things.

Is JUCE using the new low level MIDI API for Andorid builds?

Are you saying the popcorn sounds were specifically to do with the Engine or just dev on Android generally?

I think that “what you can get away with” on Android really depends on what devices you’re targeting. It’s a hugely diverse and disparate ecosystem.

Well I have been on Android since about 6 years so I have seen it’s evolution up to now anyway.

I have audio apps on Android so I know there are “things” I can get away with but just have to see how much resource the engine uses compared to the DSP I already use, then I can get a good estimate.

It was specific to the Android build.

Well the Engine is fairly low overhead, the complexity is all in the model handling and audio graph creation. As soon as you put any kind of plugin/DSP in the processing graph, that will dwarf any of our processing graph code.

There are additional problems on Android such as getting placed on small cores etc. but that’s not really to do with the Engine but more OS level stuff (or app-level hacks to avoid it).

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This is why I am thinking about the MIDI generative stuff just to get into the internals of the engine. Also to see what impact that has on the CPU. I have my own synths, but not the midi capabilities and sequencing that Tracktion has, not to mention possible Link functionality baked in. (thus my question about how native midi(driver) is handled as of now on Android/JUCE)

I did finally get a MB and have iOS devices so after a while I can just tinker with Mac/iOS for now.

Hi everyone, this talk seems to be no longer online (the link is down). Would it be possible to recover it somehow?

Sadly as skillmatters are out of business, if there’s anyone knows / can talk with ones who controlled vimeo, it would be pretty useful at least to remove domain restriction off vimeo.


I’m also curious about this talk, but can’t get access on vimeo or find it anywhere else :frowning:

Skillsmatter have recently announced they’re back in business so hopefully the videos will be available again soon: https://www.skillsmatter.com/


it is back online!

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