DAW channel number/ID available in plugin?

As I plan to report data in several instances of my plugin, which will relate to several channels of my DAW (both saving to file & sending over OSC), it would be great if I could incorporate the DAW’s channel number or ID name in that report.
One option (which I successfully found out) is to keep track of the amount of AudioProcessor class instances (using a static, as all plugin instances share the same base), and keeping a unique class ID number per instance; but this method is based on the order of creation of my plugins, which can easily get confusing of course, especially if I re-open a saved DAW session…
Looking through the juce docs, the only thing that seemed to come near what I’m looking for is AudioProcessorGraph::NodeAndChannel (https://docs.juce.com/master/structAudioProcessorGraph_1_1NodeAndChannel.html#ab0ad32f6d0aa7608798726fc42eaa11f).
Looking at it in the prepareToPlay method, the member nodeID remains always at 0 and channelIndex of the first loaded plugin is 0, while the next loaded plugin gives some random high int (whatever DAW channel order chosen); so that also doesn’t seem to help here…
Would there be any way to do this?

What about AudioProcessor::TrackProperties? You can use the name member to get the track name but it’s only supported in some DAWs AFAIK.

Alright, thanks. Reaper doesn’t seem to pass the name through unfortunately… But I’m informed about the state of the plugin art then I guess!