DAW Developer Needed

Need someone to create a simple Windows-based "DAW." Actually needs only to record and playback, with rudimentary DAW GUi elements (track arm, mute, solo, waveform view, etc.). Will interface exclusively with Dante ASIO driver, so must be up to 64 tracks, with 32-bit lossless integer i/o, and up to 192kHz. If you're not familiar with Dante's ASIO driver, here's a link: https://www.audinate.com/products/software/dante-virtual-soundcard

No EQ or plug ins, no reverb, no editing function required, but if you have a stock DAW engine you can start with, any existing functions will be fine. We don't yet have a complrehensive spec, but are waiting to find the right developer, and write it together. Need by end of year, so probably something you can do in a few hours per week IF you have a basic engine already written. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.


Hello, do you still need a developer for this project?