DAW Meters

Which DAWs support plugin meter displays for the meter categories of juce::AudioProcessorParameter::Category?

Despite from generic plugin view awkwardly showing static meter parameter values the only DAW I have ever seen showing plugin meters is PT and only for gain reduction meters.
Is that true?

For testing I would be interested in a list of DAWs and supported meter displays.

Thanks & cheers,

I’ve also saw this implemented only on PT and we’ve add support on SoundRadix’s branch for PreSonus Extensions which I’ve seen working on Studio One.
(If I remember should also be available on REAPER but I have yet to really see it working :slight_smile:)

Other hosts might have internal API for their own plug-ins (… Logic Pro X).


It’s been 3 years since the last post in this thread. Does JUCE support any other DAWs besides Pro Tools now with juce::AudioProcessorParameter::Category ?