DAW plugin hosting specifics summary doc


Hi, it makes me mad to do DAW plug-in hosting specifics studies each time I am reported an issue with a DAW, so I started a DAW specifics table that I make publicly readable and commentable (contributions are welcome), I’ll integrate contributions on the flow. I hope this will save time to plugin devs and ease troubleshooting.


Great initiative! I’ll do my best to add my findings to it.

It’s quite tricky to get it all together since JUCE tries to make a cross-format-host-platform one fits all solutions. and many hosts implement standards different or lack them so there are many areas to be added :wink:

I’ll start with adding:

For example recording state only reported by VST and isn’t supported by all hosts.
Sample-position is another example of tricky behavior.


Can you please rather add this as a comment in the linked doc? Maybe as a new column


What a good idea. It would be brilliant if this was linked from somewhere for all time … so we don’t forget about it!


Well, googling it already comes to this forum post. Otherwise, you can just bookmark it in your browser :wink:


Bookmarks are this place that links go to die :slight_smile: