DAW with mono tracks/buses

Hi there, does anyone know of any other DAWs/plugin hosts that can work in mono format as rigidly as Pro Tools?

In PT, you can have a mono clip on a mono track going out a mono bus to a single speaker. If a plugin does not accept mono input, that plugin is not available on that track.

Other DAWs seem to have mono tracks but, in general, the buses and outputs are stereo and mono material is happily doubled up or halved down to fit where it’s headed.

Is Pro Tools unique in this? Does anyone know of a way to reproduce the PT-style mono handling for testing? (Assuming Pro Tools is unavailable)

If you are using a standalone for testing you can choose a mono playback configuration.

Cool, thanks! Will do.

I would still be curious if Pro Tools is the only DAW that doesn’t adapt mono…

Mono tracks in Cubase provide a vst3 plugin with mono channel layouts. It depends on the track configuration, not the item on the track.

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