Debugging AudioUnit in GarageBand with Catalina / Debug Entitlements

I wonder if anyone been able to attach a debugger to GarageBand.

My machine is with Catalina 10.15.7 and Xcode 11.6.

Unlike Logic, it’s sandboxed and re-signing it seems to be no dice.

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Hi ttg,
Did you find a solution for this?
I also cannot attach XCode debugger to GarageBand. (Logic is fine though).
When I try, the gives me the following error message:

“macOSTaskPolicy: ( may not get the taskport of (GarageBand) (pid: 1991): (GarageBand) is hardened, (GarageBand) doesn’t have get-task-allow, ( is a declared debugger”

Sadly. No.
Didn’t have time to further investigate.
If you must debug GarageBand you can temporarily disable SIP