Debugging in AudioPluginHost - Changing position

I searched the forum, and I see no obvious solution to the following problem:

My plugin acts upon AudioPlayhead position and incoming data buffers.

Now, juce AudioPluginDemo demonstrates how to receive position info from the host and show it on the plugin’s interface for the user using AudioPlayhead.
The demo works perfectly, and when I use it in logic, time is being updated correctly.

But - when I open it inside the AudioPluginHost demo I can’t find any way to affect the AudioPlayhead’s position to test features in my plugin in a debuggable environment.

Hopefully I am missing something obvious, because right now my resort is to testing in logic and guessing, as the playhead’s position is constantly 0 inside AudioPluginHost.

Has anyone tackled this issue before and can enlighten me?

Sadly we have no transport support built into AudioPluginHost. :frowning: But it is a good suggestion. Let’s see if we have some time this week to add something like that.

That would be awesome!

Even if you won’t get to it,
just a direction for a correct approach (for adding transport support into AudioPluginHost) would be a huge help for me, and anyone looking to debug transport.


I think Ed our newest JUCE team member is working on implementing this.


Any new developments in this area?
As I said, a good advice about a correct way to implement this myself would suffice, as missing that feature slows my workflow way too much.