Debugging Live on Mac

Hi, it used to be that debugging Live behaved as I’d expect when a crash occurred but this is no longer the case. I’m pretty sure this is since the enhanced security of MacOS and I’m now updating the entitlements of Live in order to allow it to be debugged.

Breakpoints work as expected and I can generally debug, but when my plugin crashes, it no longer stops in the debugger, but the whole Live process just goes away and I have no idea where it’s crashed.

Anyone else come across this and found a solution?


I have come across this too and found a temporary workaround:

  1. Run your plugin with debugger attached (as you usually do)
  2. Once Live has opened, detach debugger from Live. (Debug -> Detach from Live)
  3. Reattach debugger (Debug -> Attach to process -> Live)

Debugger now stops on crash.


awesome. thx for the info - driving me insane!

hi. whilst this works, nothing appears in the output window for debug once I’ve done this - know of any workarounds for that?


Maybe this thread from two days ago is related… Ableton and debugging

I posted a possible solution to the debug print issue there which works for Pro Tools at leas, hope it works with Live as well

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