Delete option in the context menu of Introjucer on Files tab

Hi Jules

Is it possible to replace the "Delete" option in the context menu of Introjucer on "Files" tab, with something like that :
- Remove references only
- Delete file(s)
so that the actual deletion of a file can happened only on purpose instead of accidentally.  

I found it out with a lillte pain..



Isn't this already there? When you click the "Delete" option in the context menu, a dialogue will appear, asking you whether you want to only remove the reference, or additionally move the file to trash.

Yes that is correct.

However, it's enough just a little inattention or haste, for an accident to be happend.
The proposed change reduces the risk I think.

I hate to disagree, but a single "Delete" with a subsequent dialogue is the user experience I would personally expect. Xcode, for example, behaves the same way, so it should be fairly familiar to developers...

If an accident happened, it should be easy enough to undo. You have your .jucer file under version control, don't you?

I take the view that a personal "accident" should not be a real reason for the revision of a logic state.
Therefore, any problem does not really exist.


Whether there's one menu item + one dialog box, or two menu items + one dialog box, it'd make no difference at all to the likelihood of a mistake.

Actually, I think our current way is safer, because instead of a single "OK" box, it has a box with two options in it, which is more likely to make people stop and think about what they're actually doing.