Deleted rsrc files when saving a Projucer XCode exporter

The Projucer deletes all rsrc files in the build subdirectory of an XCode project when resaving the (audio plugin) project. Now there are symbolic links to already built plugin bundles in a subfolder of that directory, which means that the resource file in a previous build of the plugin (which is already in its respective VST/AU/RTAS/AAX folder) is being deleted, so that it will no longer load in some hosts. Is this really the intended behaviour?

Ouch! Wow, nice find. I’ve fixed this now on develop. You’ll need to rebuild the Projucer from that branch.

Not many people will still have DAWs that actually use the rsrc file (auvaltool does not use it anymore either). But if people did have an old Ableton Live lying around then this bug could have caused them some head-aches. So thanks for spotting this.


Thanks! I had ongoing issues with RTAS versions that caused -7400 errors from older PT versions. So if anybody gets this error, a missing .rsrc file can be the cause.