Denise audio Plugin Lead Developer (C++/JUCE)

denise audio ( is looking for a C++/JUCE plugin programmer to play a key role in creating the next series of denise plugins. You should have sufficient technical experience and communication skills to be able to take technical ownership of several upcoming plugin projects and create a predictable development timeline together with the CEO of denise audio. The current lead plugin developer at denise will show you how to use the existing ‘denise plugin template’ to create a new denise plugin project and set it up to automatically build a PC and Mac commercial release from that, including VST, VST3, AU and AAX, presets, copy protection, code signing and Mac notarisation. Using this template, you will be asked to create several new plugin projects. denise audio wants you to take on a pro-active role in becoming a true technical product owner, including delegating tasks to other programmers in and outside of the team if needed. In short: denise audio is looking for a skilled programmer that likes to be a part of their core-team for the upcoming years.

Requirements (must-haves):

  • Experience with programming in C++ ‘the JUCE way’
  • Using JUCE 6 as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin wrapper for Mac and PC
  • Creating highly custom GUI components in JUCE
  • Using Git and bitbucket for version control
  • The ambition to become a technical product owner

Requirements (nice-to-haves):

  • Experience creating installers with ‘Inno Setup’ for PC
  • Experience creating installers with ‘Packages’ for Mac
  • Experience with code signing, notarisation and creating automatic build scripts
  • Experience with creating custom real-time DSP algorithms

denise audio are working on a complete plugin mixing cosmos and our goal is to enhance the creative flow of music producers in a way that keeps their ears fresh, inspired and healthy. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to find better, faster or more creative ways for producers to work on their productions. These challenges are technical, but also in GUI and design. For example, we ask ourselves “What controls are really used when producing, and how do you control them in an intuitive manner?”. In the future we aim to extend beyond the realms of plugins and progress into other music creation tools. Most of our small (+/- 6 people) team operates from Berlin or Amsterdam, but it’s not obligatory to work on location as we are used to working remotely as a team. We’re happy to discuss details with you further.

If you think that you are a good fit for this role please contact us at

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