Desktop App: 'would like to access files on a network volume' message

My Desktop app asks this everytime I run it, I don’t need network access at all but I’m guessing something must be triggering this. I don’t have an Apple developer ID yet so hopefully there is a solution beyond certification.

Does anyone have any knowlege on what triggers this request? I’ve looked through my code and can’t see anything with paths outside of the user/Documents & user/Music directories always targeted with userDocumentsDirectory & userMusicDirectory.

This is on a Mac Mini M1 with Monterey.

It’s an O/S message that comes when the app is not signed with a dev ID. The only way to avoid this is to enter a dev ID.

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it’s like a protection racket, I can understand insistence for iOS but for Mac desktop that’s a pretty ugly practice, an end user should be able to decide the first time imo regardless of whether a programmer has paid apple imo…

you’re going to need a developer ID eventually if you want to distribute anything so might as well just bite the bullet…

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for anyone who stumbles here with the same issue, I discovered it was the FileListBox that was causing my app to need network access, I’ve since built my own listbox file viewer which has stopped the message.