Detect articulationID in LogicPro?

Anyone know if there is any way inside a JUCE instrument plugin hosted in Logic Pro to detect the articulation ID of incoming midi events? This might involve looking up the stack or whatever…any trick at all that might find it out.

Also running into this barrier - not being able to access the articulation ID makes creating a fully functional MIDI FX plugin for MainStage difficult as we can’t pass through the IDs to the MainStage instruments.

Well it is what it is unless someone can figure out a hack around it. articulationID is part of the internal midi event structure in LogicPro, I do not think its exposed through AU.

In the meantime, the only work around i know of is to use a a little Scripter script in front of your AUmfx plugin, which converts articulationID into a leading CC event, then in your plugin you can convert that back to an internal articulationID in your plugin. Not great, but it could work for now if you want to do something that integrates with articulationID in logicPro.

oh and by the way, inside MainStage you could also use Scripter to convert a leading CC event from your plugin, back to an articulationID to feed to MainStage instruments that know about them.