Detecting Modifier Key when touching Slider/RotaryKnob

Yes, you have to explicitly pass data down every level.

struct Something
    SomeData& reference;

    SomeClass someClass; // this object knows nothing about "reference"

I would suggest brushing up on C++ basics before continuing with your complex project.

I figured about passing data down. And I hear you about my lack of C++, and I did actually take several days last week to do some brushing.

Anyways it is specifically the MySlider class, which is used to declare knobs inside my many modules, that need to invoke the same “lfoTargetComponent”, not the actually modules and that is what confuses the hell out of me.

Just a thought to make it easier for me, since the MySlider class is so small, perhaps I could put it into each component that uses it, then even I could figure out to pass each the “lfoTargetComponent” reference. However still it is 45 times repeating code :frowning:

struct MySlider
    MySlider (lfoTargetComponent&);

class SomeComponent
    SomeComponent (lfoTargetComponent& lfo)
      : slider (lfo)
    { }

    MySlider slider;

Ok thank you very much for that. I will try to use that example to get it to work!