Detuned plugins and other issues on iOS

I’m reporting some issues affecting the JUCE AudioPluginHost. Please have a look at this video:

I’ve just built the AudioPluginHost example for iPad from the latest JUCE-dev branch (commit d69771403).

First issue: the plugin’s window is too small and the plugin GUIs are unusable.

The video starts with the sample rate set to 44100 Hz. Playing C4 on the virtual keyboard produces the correct pitch.
I then change the sample rate from 44100 Hz to 48000 Hz.

Second issue: NOISE Melody plugin stop working after changing sample rate. I need to delete it and add it again.

Third issue: once added, the pitch of the plugin is detuned. Playing C4 on the virtual keyboard produces an incorrect pitch; it is detuned by more than one semitone. Indeed 48000/44100 = 1.088, while one semitone = 2^(1/12) = 1.059.
So it seems that the AudioGraph is running at 48000 Hz, but the plugin did not update it’s AudioProcessor and still believes to run at 44100 Hz.

Especially for this last behavior, I wanted to show it with the JUCE AudioPluginHost, but the same happens with the host we are developing. We initially thought that it was our code, but since the same is happening on JUCE AudioPluginHost, I believe that it is something that must be addressed in the JUCE framework.

Any thought?

So, does anybody experience the same issue?

This commit should fix the detuning issue.

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Thank you very much Ed! We will check it tomorrow!

Hey Ed, I confirm that your fix works! The detuning issue has been solved!
Thanks again!