Develop does not build with libstdc++ instead of libc++

I think it is this patch that broke it:

Are libstdc++ builds still officially supported on macos, or should we expect breakage ? Anyway I’ll probably end up switching to libc++ as macos 10.6 is quite rare nowadays.

No we don’t expect breakage. I’ll fix this…

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OK this is now fixed on develop.

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libstc++ support is broken again since this commit:

in juce_CharacterFunctions.h std::make_unsigned<> and UIntType are missing.

Thanks for reporting! This is now fixed on develop with commit a2a0a2c.

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A recent commit broke compatibility again. This time the issue is that libstdc++ has no hash<> template, so the whole section about the hash<juce::String> template specialization needs to be optional.

Grrr… Getting really sick of supporting these old platforms! But thanks, I’ve pushed a fix to develop.

Happened again in the commit below. The problem is that libstdc++ has no std::move. The lines in question are in juce_SortedSet.h. 66 and 73.

Yep, sorry. I fixed that one earlier this morning.