Develop plugins for Waves SoundGrid


I’m just starting with plugin development, so this question is mainly based on curiosity and future ideas.

I think four years ago, Waves announced to open their SoundGrid specifications to third-party developers so that others may release plugins that can run on their Linux-based SoundGrid servers. This is still mentioned here, however I’ve only seen the Plugin Alliance 100% SoundGrid Bundle until today making use of this until now.

As I like the concept of using Linux-based Plugin servers especially for live audio, I wonder why there are not more SoundGrid compatible plugins out there? Has anyone around here ever heard more details about the requirements to release a SoundGrid plugin or has some technical details he or she is allowed to share? Especially, could a JUCE-Based plugin be ported to SoundGrid? I expect some differences, as the GUI will most probably be rendered on the computer running MultiRack while audio is processed on the SoundGrid Server?

All hints are welcome :slight_smile:

There are 3 plug-in manufacturers who released their support for WPAPI (Waves Public API) /SoundGrid, including Plug-in Alliance, Flux and Sonnox. And there are a couple more on the way.
If you are interested in joining Waves Third Party Plug-in Program feel free to contact me directly.

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