Developer Needed (Expert Pay) to Analyze, Model, and Replicate VST as a LV2

Hello JUCE friends!

I am looking to hire a developer to analyze / model a few VST’s and replicate them as LV2’s.

I use FFMPEG for most of my research projects and finding it very tedious and time consuming to replicate some processes that I use inside my DAW. Additionally, it is frustrating to use the same parameters inside FFMPEG that I used with VST’s only to not sound similar due to the unique characteristics of the VST’s.

I would like to create LV2’s to be used inside FFMPEG to solve this problem. Additionally, I would like the LV2’s that are to be created to also be built as VST’s so that I can use the same settings in the VST’s inside my DAW and have them sound exactly the same as the LV2’s inside FFMPEG.

There is no need for a fancy GUI. Just very basic stock sliders and knobs will be fine).

I am in need of this quickly and am willing to pay a rate much higher than industry standards to attract the best talent.

If interested, please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!