Developer needed for Standalone Loop App

Hi All,

I currently build and sell MIDI controllers setup to work as loop controllers using Mobius ( I have created all the scripts required to get Mobius working as I want. However, Mobius is difficult for my clients to setup and can also be a little unreliable. I now have some big customers who are on tour and want a more robust software. I have some programming experience but I’m lost when it comes to audio apps. I could really do with getting started on this in the next month.

I am looking for someone who could put this together for me as a standalone app, obviously if anyone is interested I’ll send over a much more detailed brief and discuss costs.

Please reply to this or drop me an email if your interested or know anyone who is. email is

Hope to hear from someone soon.


Hi, just a heads up your link does not work assume its

Looks like an interesting project, have you thought about creating an embedded version of your loop pedal? That would be awesome. Especially if it was open source. :wink:
Check out

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Thanks for the heads up. Yes I have looked into an embedded version and am trying to develop something at the moment. Bela looks like a good platform for this, I will have to look into it further. I would ideally like a few models, one computer based and one hardware based. Do you have some experience with this?