Developer Wanted for our first Product

First of all, I have been doing a lot of stalking in these forums and I can say without a doubt, this is a great forum with a lot of true talent. I have definitely gained much in my journey to understand the development side of things.

Having said that, my interest is in the marketing and GUI design. I just sold my first company and I am looking to start “Ghost Audio”. Without giving away my playbook, id like to say that the plan for this company is to target a niche that currently control a very large portion of.

I have a very specific idea for a plugin that I know I could sell the daylights out of. I know many of you want details of the specifics of the job, so for anyone who might be interested please shoot me a DM.

BTW, I’m not looking at doing any equity deals. GUI design would be handled by me. I look forward to hearing back from some of you!

Dear Ghost,

Have to admit I am curious about what you are planning to do, so far it sounds as if my assistance could perhaps be useful.

My name is Stefan Stenzel, I was CTO/CEO/cofounder of Waldorf Music, now I am working as freelance developer.
I have profound knowledge and experience with audio DSP, product development, hardware, software, iOS, C++, embedded…
For references, please have a look at the waldorf website, I coded all sound engines for every single synth or synth plugin there.

I hope that this is enough information to make you reveal a bit more about your idea or the specific tasks it requires.

Stefan -


Sorry, this was meant to be a private message, luckily no sensible information is revealed here.

Hi, just sent you a private message. We can discuss it further.