Developer's Kit


In order to get the Developer’s Kit, do we need to change our license? Like, I’m on the monthly. Will one just show up, or do I need to switch to a one-time or upgrade to get the kit?


??? just grab the SDK from GitHub.


Heh. No. I’m talking about this:


Moot point. I just bought another seat. Needed it anyhow. :slight_smile:


From my perspective: how far back would a new subscription be to qualify for this – just started a 2-seat subscription two months ago or so…


The current offer is only for new customers or upgrades.
Existing JUCE 5 customers (including those on a monthly subscription) will receive an e-mail shortly with a discount offer for the Dev Kit.

For those building commercial products and looking to make them compatible with BLOCKS, you can contact us separately to discuss.


I just updated to Juce 5 Pro on July 6th. So, according to your response, I am also not eligible for this free Developer Kit?


What do you get in developer kit?



Hi there, @jb1. Just got my Indie license - Am I still eligible for the developer kit? If so How can I redeem It ?



Brian will send you a code to redeem it on the ROLI store


Hi @jb1, have you already sent that mail? If so you must have missed me…


yes we’ve missed you it seems. I’ve just sent it again.


I didn’t receive anything yet…


I’ve sent it to you now @fazman


got it! thanks jb1


I didn’t get it either. I was also missed off the juce upgrade mailer. Looks like there’s a problem where some of us are missed off mailers?


Sorry Lee! I’ve sent it now.


Got it, thx


Finally made the step and became indie developer :heart_eyes:
Is this still going on? And is there some period I have to make payments before developer’s kit is sent?