Developers wanted for Tracktion!

Hello Jucers!

After the upcoming release of Tracktion 5 at NAMM, we're planning to grow our Tracktion dev team this year, and I'd be keen to hear from any suitably skillful coders who think they'd be able to impress me with their c++ chops!

We're going to need battle-hardened programmers who can learn their way around a huge and complex codebase quickly, and who are versatile enough to be able to handle pretty much any kind of task from GUI to DSP and everything in-between. If this sounds like your kind of challenge, please get in touch..

Hi Jules,

could you please clarify the conditions? I.e. permanent vs. freelancing, telecommuting or not? Thanks!

Sorry, yes - should have made clear that it's freelancing.

Being close to either London or Seattle would be a bonus, but the team all currently works remotely so location isn't too important.

Impress the fearless leader Himself? Good luck!.. ;-)