Developing JUCE Linux on Windows 11

For those using Windows mostly,
It’s now possible to do pretty decent development for JUCE Linux under Windows 11.

With Windows 11 they’ve enabled wslg (I believe it can also be enabled for Windows 10 but not officially)

The only major block is still reading files from Windows file-system being slow (I need to search about that as there might be some things to speed it up).

But still it’s quite nice being able to cross-build Linux without too much fuss on Windows machine.


How was the process to get wslg set up - anywhere near as strange as in Win10 where you have to go through the Windows Store?

I can confirm the subsystem works in Win10 (it’s called WSL) as I’d been developing Debian and RedHat things for past companies using this method - and the same applies for JUCE apps if I really need it or just want to quickly tinker.

I think it was already simplified a while ago also on Windows 10.

For wslg I’ve just followed the instructions on the git link above to update the wsl of the Ubuntu subsystem.