Device token wrong on iOS 13+

Hey guys,
I’m having a customer that can’t receive push notifications. It seems the device token is wrong. After a bit of research I found this thread:

In the accepted answer it says about how to get the actual token:

The way you do it is fine and it should continue to work on iOS 13. But some developers do it like this. To convert Data into base-16 strings, they call description , which returns something like

<124686a5 556a72ca d808f572 00c323b9 3eff9285 92445590 3225757d b83997ba>

And then they trim < and > and remove spaces.

On iOS 13 the description called on token data returns something like

{ length = 32, bytes = 0xd3d997af 967d1f43 b405374a 13394d2f ... 28f10282 14af515f }

Which obviously makes this way broken.

Which is the way you actually do it. Could this please be fixed?

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We’ve added this in 3f111db, thanks!

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