Did anyone draw gif file?

Did anyone draw gif file?


My project read information of gif file.  But I cant draw the file.


Please help me....Thanks

If you want help, you're going to have to ask a better question. Nobody can possibly know what you've done wrong if you just say you "can't draw it"

It means that I have done loading PNG image from directory and draw it to background as uploaded file. And i want to draw gif image

When I load PNG image, I used  "g.drawImageAt()", But I don't know how to draw gif file to background


Once an Image is loaded, you draw it the same way, regardless of its original format.

If your gif isn't showing up, then presumably it failed to load correctly.. I've never heard of any problems with GIFs before, but perhaps it's an animated one? They're not supported by the codec.

Thank you for your help.


I tried that you recommended solution to me, but It is not moving


Please look at uploaded file. Thanks sir.



Huh? I didn't recommend a solution, I said that it doesn't support animated gifs, so of course it won't move.. (?)

Thanks. solution that I mentioned, means help.

You could just the load the individual frames yourself in sequence. Same end result as using a gif?