Different current position between plugins on normal tracks and master faders


I have a Pro Tools project with both tracks and master faders, each with a plugin.
Now I wanna get current timeInSamples from each plugin, but the results are different (theoretically they should be the same):
The plugin on the master fader is 2048 samples slower than on the track…
e.g. 181865 on master fader, 183913 on track; then 181889 on master fader, 184937 on track…

I’m using Pro Tools system(including HDX card) and the problem happens only with this card…It works fine with other sound cards…

Any solutions?


Do you have Delay Compensation turned OFF?

If there’s compensation going on somewhere it could make offsets I guess since the master fader is last i the chain.

In addition, HDX (or any DSP based Pro Tools) does have turn-around buffer from copying data to/from CPU to DSP. if you lower your buffer size within the settings are you seeing any change?


I tried both ON and OFF, and reduced buffer size to 512/256/128, still the same…


I’d suggest you take those question also to the Avid forum.
you might also get more details by checking/setting DigiOptions (check details on the Avid Developer forum).


New discovery.
When I put a plugin in the master fader, a 2049-sample delay comes out itself. It seems delay compensation but it’s not settable…It happens only with HDX card and only in master faders, and the delay is 0 with other cards or other tracks. I don’t know why PT does this…