Direct2D Part 3

Nice. Thanks for trying it out.


Hi @matt

I’ve updated my NVIDIA graphics driver and I have same results. However, I’m noticing the Graphics Demo runs smoother with Direct2D (but I still have better performance with Software render).

This is the report you asked for:

DxDiag.txt (128,6 KB)

Hi @juan1979 -

Thanks for sending the report.

It looks like your computer has two display adapters - an Intel HD Graphics 630 and an GeForce 1050 Ti. I suspect that the Direct2D demo app is using the Intel adapter instead of the GeForce.

Do you have a straightforward way to switch between display adapters? If not, you can go into the Windows Graphics settings and tell Windows to use the GeForce adapter for the Direct2D Demo app.

Let me know how it goes-


I see, my bad! I switched to the 1050Ti and now my Paint durantion is around 3.3ms, the Paint interval is 17.1 ms with Direct2D :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what they mean, but the Paint duration is now the half using Direct2D. The Paint interval remain the same. Thanks!


The paint interval should stay about the same; that’s just how often the window is repainting.

Paint duration is how long the CPU is taking to paint the frame. Smaller is better.

I’m looking into seeing how the graphics adapter can be set from within the app.



We’re currently collaborating with Matt to get this new renderer into the JUCE repository.

There are a few changes required on the JUCE side of things to make everything operate as expected, and a few remaining issues with the renderer. At the moment it looks like it should be possible to address all the important problems and we’re working our way through them.

Windows 8.1 is an easier minimum deployment target than Windows 7 SP1 and the first public preview will likely remain incompatible with Windows 7 whilst we experiment.



This is fantastic news! Thanks Matt for your hard work and the JUCE team for collaborating.


Amazing work and news!