Disable inputs for plugin standalone?

I am wondering: How can I disable all inputs for a standalone version of my plugin?

Here is what I tried:
I created a new empty JUCE plugin. And in Projucer I did set the “Plugin Channel Configuration” to {0,2} :

But when I run the plugin in standalone mode and open the Audio/Midi settings menu, I still can choose audio inputs:

How can I make sure that users cannot choose audio inputs?

If you wonder why I want this:
We have a BETA tester, where the standalone plugin crashes, when he chooses his Logitech Webcam as input. And as our plugin does not need any audio inputs, I would like to disable them for good.

I am on JUCE 6.0.5 in OSX Big Sur.

Bumping in hopes someone has an answer :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried this, but my guess would be to skip that option and Projucer and do it manually in the code.

isBusesLayoutSupported (const BusesLayout& layouts) const

you can then check:

wrapperType == AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Standalone

and return false in any case the input is > 0 for standalone.