Disable Juce new version popup message?

Is it possible to disable the popup message informing that a new version of Juce is available?

On startup, sure no problem... but it pops up multiple times a day...

Ok, thanks, we should add a limiter to avoid that!

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Thank you.

This bug still occurs… v4.1

It happens multiple times a day, interrupts workflow, freezes Projucer, can’t do anything.

Is it fixed yet in v4.2?

4.1 was a long time ago! We’ve released two versions since then, and yes, it should be fine now.

Thanks for that Jules.

I tried updating to v4.2.1; but it just won’t open (“The application ‘Producer’ can’t be opened”)

My project is way too complicated / can’t afford the downtime to investigate; so have reverted to v4.1 and I’ll leave it till later to look at.

Ok, can I have some info about where this is coming from?

What is sending out the requests? IP address? Block Projucer on OSX from pinging your server? What have you?

I need to block this. End of.

The projucer is open-source now - if you can’t run the pre-built version for some weird reason (though I don’t know what?), then you can just build it yourself.

Yeah… that was fun…

Is this now fixed then:)

Fixed on develop now. We’ll release it once we push to master again.


Nice one … you should have seen the number of reminders I had after I came back from holiday … :slight_smile: