Disable the UndoManager in TextEditor

Hi all,

I was wondering if it were possible to disable the undomanager in a texteditor. I have my own UndoManager running things, and I'd like to use that one to undo text changes as well. As it is now, TextEditor catches all hotkeys (ones I normally catch with my CommandManager), but I obviously can't withdraw the keyboard focus of my TextEditor.

The API doesn't show a way around this, nor does a forum search yield much results.

Any help is much appreciated :)

Do you mean you want to remove the undo manager, or do you really mean that you want to stop it catching cmd-Z ?

Hmm, I'm assuming that having it stop catching those keycommands would works as well. Is there a way to do that?

I guess the brute-force approach would be to just override keyPressed().

Yeap, worked perfectly fine! Brute-force, but hey :)