Disabling ComboBox "auto hide" behaviour

The default behaviour of the JUCE ComboBox seems to be that it disappears almost instantly if no item is selected. Is there any way to override this?

The behaviour I would like is that the combo box stays visible until the user clicks away from it.


If you hold down the mouse button then that’s what happens, but if you just click on the box to pop up the menu, then it stays up until you click away, right (?) That’s pretty normal behaviour unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean.

but if you just click on the box to pop up the menu, then it stays up until you click away, right (?)

Nope. Not sure about other OS’s but this has never been the behaviour on OS X. Below is a video of the actual behaviour. In the first combo box, the combo hides as the mouse is moved away in the second combo it just disappears after ~500ms. As you said, the correct behaviour should be that the combo stays visible until the user clicks away.

That’s not what I’m seeing when I try it here. Click and release -> menu appears and stays until you click somewhere else. Are you using the latest version?

The screen recording was made with JUCE 5.1.1. I’m on macOS 10.12.6.

I just tested in my OX X 10.10 and 10.11 virtual machines and I don’t see the problem there. It behaves as you describe.

So I’m only seeing the issue on 10.12

I’m also on 10.12, I can’t really think what might be going on that’s different on your machine…

Hmm… I just asked a colleague to check and they can’t reproduce the issue on 10.12 either so it seems like there’s something specific about my setup causing the problem. I guess that’s good news.

I’ll post back here if I figure out what the problem is.

Does the problem persist after rebooting? I ask because I ran across an odd mouse related issue (and filed a bug report) only to have the issue disappear after a reboot. I’m not sure what this would point at, but it was very odd.

OK, I’ve done some more digging on this and the issue doesn’t disappear after a reboot, but…

I have isolated the cause, and it seems to be the menubar helper app for RescueTime

I can reliably make the problem go away by closing the RescueTime helper app, and make it manifest by re-opening it.

I wonder why it would be causing this problem?