Distorted initial view of AUv3 plugin on iOS

Not sure if this bug is related to JUCE or Audiobus: whenever I load my AUv3 plugin in Audiobus 3, the first view that is shown is distorted. Only when I tap the plugin once, the plugin is displayed correctly. As it turns out, resized() gets called with the correct dimensions just before the plugin is shown, but paint() only gets called when the plugin is tapped. Calling repaint() from the resized() method doesn’t help (it just leads to paint() being called twice when the plugin is tapped for the first time).

Yes we are aware of this bug. The only known workaround right now is to call repaint with a 500ms delay in your editor’s constructor:

Timer::callAfterDelay (500, [this] () { repaint(); });

Great, thanks a lot!
Is there a similar workaround for the display error after clicking “unmute input”?