DocumentWindow move & repaint problem

Hi there,

I’m having a little issue when I resize my contentcomponent and move the DocumentWindow at the same time

I don’t want just to resize the ContentComponent of my app, I want to move the DocumentWindow that holds it so a certain part of my ContentComponent is in an specific position of the screen.
So if my window goes from:


(you see the center bit is in the same position but for that i have to move my Document Window

I try to do it this way

myContentComponent->setSize(newWidth, newHeight);
Component* p = myContentComponent->getParentComponent();
if (p) p->setTopLeftPosition(newXposition), p->getScreenY());

The thing is that doing it that way i think the window is repaint twice (one for the resize of the component and other for moving it). What I would like to do is everything at the same time so I don’t get a blink on the app.

I don’t know if that’s possible or I’m being superposh. Any idea so I can have my supercool app? :slight_smile:


Hmm, that’s a tricky thing to do - I don’t know which OS you’re using, but they all shift the existing contents of a window when you move it, and then let you redraw afterwards, so you’ll inevitably get that flicker. I’ve really no idea if it’s possible to do anything about it, TBH!


I’m using Mac OS X 10.6.4. (at some point I have to recompile it for win as well but one thing at a time)
I was thinking it would be possible cause when I login skype it resize the window slowly. Ok, it doesn’t move it, just resize it, but I don’t get any blinking.

So how I’m doing it is the proper way to do it, isn’t it?


Resizing is easy to do cleanly, as long as the top-right corner stays still - you very very rarely see a window expand upwards or leftwards keeping the bottom-right still.

You’d probably be better off not using a DocumentWindow, because it’ll do all sorts of faffing about internally, which may end up not being ideal for this, so maybe try it with a simpler component to see if that works better.