Does anyone use VS2013 and version control

I can create a new introjuicer project for vs2013 and save and open it in Vs2013

When I try to add the solution to source control using either TFS or  Git, it only adds the .sln and .vcxproj files.

It gives a long message about needing to put all projects under a single folder.


I think it wants everything under Builds/VisualStudio2013.

I can't imagine anyone would develop without version control, so i assume either nobody uses Visual Studio for development, or I am doing something horribly wrong.


Are you talking about the Visual Studio git-integration features? I haven't tested those, but certainly there are no major problems using git otherwise...I myself use it from the command line. I also usually leave out the Visual Studio (and XCode) project files from git so I don't have to deal with minor differences when tweaking the IDE settings and then later suffer merge conflicts or the project files reverting to undesired states.

I'm happily using Introjucer, VS2013 and Github together. You can see the Juce section of the project here:

In particular, pay attention to the .gitignore file, which is essentially the standard one that Github suggests for Visual Studio projects.

To answer your question above, yes, you may be doing something horribly wrong, but it's probably easy enough to fix! In my case, it was as simple as creating a repository in Github, committing my files (using Github for Windows) and then opening them in Visual Studio. The git integration even seems to work pretty seamlessly in VS, although I still tend to use Github for Windows for commits.

After tons of googling and trying to use TFS, after reading your posts, i deleted everything and got the client from BitBucket and added them outside of Visual Studio.