Does FFT Class Have A Built in Windowing Function?

Hi, I have been doing some experiments with the FFT class to learn more about spectral processing. I notice that even when I process a frame with no windowing or overlap the result sounds suspiciously clean.

When working with other FFT processing tools in the past like Cecilia or Csound using a rectangle window causes audible clicking, whereas in JUCE doing so produces a clean result.

Does the FFT class have any sort of built in windowing function that might be causing this?

It definitely does not do any windowing. Obviously, if you do a forward and immediately an inverse transform again (without changing the coefficients) then you won’t need any windowing or overlap.

A FFT with built-in windowing couldn’t be called a FFT anymore ! It is more probable that there is something wrong in your current or previous approaches when experimenting with spectral processing. And I wouldn’t call “suspicious” something that is transparent as it is most of the time expected !