Does someone did an infinite scroll bar?


I trying to create an infinite scroll bar, that’s, if you drag it out of limits it automatically resize its limits. I’m finding this too changeling, once my thumb position rebase the limit it starts to have a certain inertia, as it was an rock over ice, specially when I change the mouse direction (enableUnboundedMouseMovementis enabled). The problem is in the MouseDrag method

[code] if (m_bIsVertical)
m_iDistance = m_iStartOnMouseDown + e.getDistanceFromDragStartY();
m_iDistance = m_iStartOnMouseDown + e.getDistanceFromDragStartX();

	if (m_iDistance > m_iLimitBR)
		m_dLength = m_dThumbLength + m_pRecta->getY(m_iDistance) - m_dStart;

m_dThumbPosition = (m_pRecta->getY(m_iDistance)); //Interpolates pixels to scrollbar range
calcularPaths(true); //calculate paths for paint() method


Please, if anyone can help I’ll apreciate a lot