Don't show "Audio input is muted" banner


I’m writing a JUCE plugin which can also be deployed to standalone app. The plugin is in fact just a MIDI controller for a synthesiser (it just sends MIDI OUT), but I want to have it as an audio plugin so it can be added in audio processing chains (i.e. in next to the “external input” of a Live device). I’ve seen this kind of plugins by other companies work in this way. The fact is that I want to remove the “Audio input is muted” that shows by default as there’s no need for that in my case. I’ve been searching how to do that but found no relevant info. How can I stop that banner from showing at app startup?


I seem to recall the solution was to stare very hard at the way the standalone app works, copy some source files and implement my own version. It was a pain :slight_smile: