Don't want to resize child component

Is there a way to disbale the resize / setbounds calls to child components created with introjucer?


This is the sort of question that usually means you've misunderstood something. Maybe try asking about what you're trying to actually do?

It's for a sound editor, and I have an audio thumbnail in my base component.  On top of that, i am layering another component with a semi transparent background as a highlighted selection area.  I'm using mouse drag to define the bounds for the highlighted selection, and changing its position using setBounds. 

all works really nicely until i try to resize the documentWindow, which automatically triggers the original resize call created by introjucer. 


edit (more info)

so, my thumbnail is in a component called outerBox, and then i create a child component of that called selectorBox.  Introjucer automatically sets this in the resize method of outerBox:

selectorBox->setBounds (0, 0, proportionOfWidth (0.5018f), proportionOfHeight (1.0000f));

basically, what i have done for the moment, is just to overwrite that in [UserResized] to:

selectorBox->setBounds (proportionOfWidth (selectionLeft), 0, proportionOfWidth (selectionRight), proportionOfHeight(1.0000f));


and that does work for all intents and purposes...but it just feels dirty and hacky to be having that redundant resize call left in there. 





This is the thing about tools like the Introjucer's GUI editor - they're great to get you started with straightforward layouts, but once your stuff gets too customised, you need to go off-piste and write custom code.

+1 for not generating resize code for components you specify.
It's nice that you can already place the components in the Introjucer and give them the look and feel your after. I often find myself commenting the generated setbounds. So i would very much like this actually.