Drag and drop audio file from FL Studio into plugin


On Ableton Live, I can drag and drop audio file from host browser into my plugin.
But on FL Studio it doesn’t work.
I have found that isInterestedInFileDrag is never triggered when drag and drop a file from FL’s browser.

Is it possible to do it on FL Studio?

I only have tested on Mac, haven’t tested on Windows yet.

Thank you.

I haven’t used FL Studio, but what I think:
Drag-and-drop can be very different things, a text-snippet, a graphic, a file or anything else program specific. It is defined by a mime-type, that is generated when a drag starts.

When it works in FL-Studio, but not to drag it out of FL Studio, it probably means, that they don’t drag a file, but rather their own specific information.

You can easily test it, if you drag from FL Studio into a finder/explorer window. If they start the drag as file, the finder will offer the usual copy/move options. If not, you know, that the FL Studio file browser is not meant to be used for exporting files.
And to double check that test, do the same from Studio One.


Thank you for your reply.
I just tested it.

From Ableton live, drag and drop to finder -> usual copy/paste.
From FL Studio -> nothing happens

So I guess FL Studio uses own information for drag and drop.
Is there anyway to get this information from FL Studio?

If you are currently using the FileDragAndDropTarget, try switching to the generic DragAndDropTarget and see, what is in SourceDetails > description.

Good luck