Drag and Drop - finally works

If you want to implement drag and drop make sure you have the folowwing settings enabled:

in project settings (all configurations) go to the C/C++ tab.
choose category = C++ Language
enable the checkbox 'Enable Run-Time Type Information (RTTI).
otherwise your dymanic type casts won’t work…

i’m probably the only one that did not know this, but if you have no experience programming in C++ this tip may come in handy.


yes, rtti is a requirement for the whole library, not just drag-and-drop…

in the ‘example project for win32’ this checkbox is not enabled.
i used this example for the base of my juce application.
so that’s why drag and drop did not work.
but the rest did.

i think you should make sure that this example project uses RTTi as well.


damn! I’ll make sure that’s sorted for the next release.

Thanks for spotting it!