Drag and drop scale with external Windows parameter

Hi, if I use: this->startDragging(“Normal Point”, &pointNormal, i_PointNormal, true);
The last ‘true’ is for ‘allowDraggingToExternalWindows’ and it causes a scale change to the dragged component:
Untitled (The smaller dot is the dragged version of the one on the left)

This also varies depending on different Windows scale settings, but it’s always seems to be wrong.
I’ve only tried this on Windows, sorry.

Setting it to false fixes the problem on all DPI settings.
So it appears that allowing dragging to external window option is causing the scale problem.


I just also noticed I need to include the object current scale in the offset parameter

	Point<int>off = Point<int>(-i_PointNormal.getWidth(), -i_PointNormal.getHeight()) * this->getApproximateScaleFactorForComponent(&pointNormal)*.5f;
	this->startDragging("Normal Point", &pointNormal, i_PointNormal, false, &off);