Drag & drop audio from host arrange view

I see that some plugins support drag & drop audio snippets or files direct from the arrange window. It seems that there is a way to get this to work with cubase and studio one.

I currently have file drag and drop support, but this does not work in the arrange window. Can anyone give me some more information about it? Is it possible and are some specifications available? Any input is welcome!

Sorry to revive such an old thread, but i’m investigating this too.

But it seems i cannot find anything related to an official documentation (for cubase vst-xml format for example).

Anyone have links to resources that are useful ?

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I didn’t found a way for drag and drop support in the arrange view in any host i know. But you can support drag and drop from cubase media bay. You have to register to a drag and drop text if i remember right. You will receive something like this:

thanks a lot, good info there !

Do you know how to make this work for Pro Tools (through the Workspace)?