DragAndDropContainer::dragOperationEnded is now a int and didn't get a event

I Updated from Juce 4 to 5 and have a problem in my Project.
In the new Juce Code is this function: virtual void DragAndDropContainer::dragOperationEnded ( const DragAndDropTarget::SourceDetails & )

now a virtual int
I changed the functions in my code to a int and everything compile’s fine. But it seems like the function get never a call. I tryed to recompile my project with juce 4 and everything is working again.

What did you changed? It seems like that the juce Api is not actual for that class.
Did i miss something?


Thanks for your time
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I think you missed the big comment we left above that line of code:

    // This is just here to cause a compile error in old code that hasn't been changed to use the new
    // version of this method.
    virtual int dragOperationStarted()              { return 0; }
    virtual int dragOperationEnded()                { return 0; }
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Yeah you right didnt see that. Thank you